Family Petillone

Absolutely delighted in the way the staff at Alpha Cycles took care of me. Great selection of bikes. Only perfect and well kept bikes. Staff was very friendly, not pressuring but instead informative and helpful throughout the entire purchasing process.

Scott. C

Cordial. Professional. Engaged. Just a few words to describe how this shop treats its customers. A relaxed and welcoming environment. Bike was exactly as advertised, and I am quite happy with the whole experience. Highly recommend you try them. Definitely a different experience than most motorcycle shops.

Samuel Giraldo

El mejor lugar para comprar tu moto... Marcos y su equipo te generan confianza y te brindan toda la asesoría necesaria. El proceso de compra es sencillo y gratificante!! Cero stress!!
Gracias AlphaCycles !!!

Overall awesome service. You walk in and feel like you are anywhere but a motorcycle dealer. It is a very comfortable and relaxing environment where you can enjoy speaking to someone about your motorcycle. The people who work there are very welcoming and you won’t have a dull moment while you are there!

Angel Torres

The service was perfect. Sophie was very nice and helpful. Highly recommend this place.

Christopher Antunez

Pending final review... So far so good!

So I must admit I came here feeling pretty cynical but was pleasantly surprised. While they may be small, the service provided was miles above most places in Miami. Alpha Cycles is more like a hangout & lounge spot that happens to sell immaculate bikes, only they have a large and well rounded selection as well. Imagine the bikes that are babied and garaged or rode for like 500 miles and that is what you find here.

Staff, owner were very courteous and chill to talk to, business straight forward/ transparent. Service and community is the goal here. The 30 day warranty is very comforting considering if a bike has sat for a long time it could potentially have an issue so you have a good safety net.

Overall its a neat place to check out and if you ever consider picking up a bike in Miami give Alpha Cycles a try, Worst case scenario you made friends, and that's not bad at all.

UPDATE 12/12/20: Bike is still going strong and have since gone on group rides with the dealer.. place is good to go!

Ethan Talmadge

I went to Alpha Cycles after seeing one bike in my price range on CycleTrader. When I went in there, I told them very honestly that I could only realistically look at one bike. They were as nice as could be. They made me feel welcome, talked to me about a lot of different bikes even though they knew I wouldn't buy any of them, and really made it an enjoyable experience. I didn't end up buying from them, but only because their stuff is incredibly nice and well-cared for, and thus more than I could afford. However, I think they're an excellent outfit, and I hope they have great success.

Stefan Santucci

One of my favorite places to shop bike. Fair price and good bikes.

Gary Catronio

I was looking for a Paiggio scooter and came across there website. I found what I was looking and made an appointment to go down and look at the scooter.
From the moment I walked in I was greeted by several people that made me feel at home.
They pulled the scooter for a test drive and brought me a bottle of water while a waited. Then I was escorted on a test drive.
After returning and scooter handled a little different than a motorcycle, but pretty cool experience. I went home to talk it over with the family.
Everyone agreed get a small bike because the scooter is not for you.
I went back on the website looked around some more and I was drawn to a 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950. The next day my so on and I went down.
They had the scooter ready for another test drive.I then said I want to test drive the Yamaha. They pulled it outside. After seeing in the showroom and now out I was really seeing this bike.
We pulled away on the test drive and it felt so good! After hitting the gas and stopping at the first red light I knew I was taking it home.
We went in side to conduct our business. After woulds they offered to bring the bike to my home in Broward county.
If you want to find your next exciting ride. I suggest you stop down and meet the staff, but one thing be ready for the most amazing experience of you life.
I can’t thank you all enough!!!

Stacey Belton

Wow, you cant beat the atmosphere or the customer service offered by this beautiful n elegant establishment. High class all the way, from the exquisite motorcycles to the personnel and service. Marcos was exemplary all the way. He was not only friendly and professional, but honest and true to his word. The 30 day warranty is a rarity these days and well worth your peace of mind. If you're are looking for a trustworthy business to buy a motorcycle from, this is a MUST. Thumbs up on this unique lil gem.

Frank Rondon

This Business is just so amazing! Customer Service was just so out of this world! Marcos and his team are just soo professional and his Boutique Shop is no joke, so beautiful and professionaly assembled! I recommend going there when it comes down to purchasng a motorcycle...AND THE HOSPITALITY IS THROUGH THE ROOF! Purchased my Kawasaki Vulcan 900cc as a first time buyer, and it was amazing the service they have provided throughout the whole entire process, smooth as silk! Please if you want the same experience please go there asap and purchase the motorcycle that are in the most tip top shape that you would never ever think they are pre-owned whatsoever!

Victor Zuniga

I just bought a 2017 Harley Davidson XG 750. Marcos and Sofia were amazing, very professional very friendly! The motorcycle looks like new, and so do the rest of the motorcycles in the shop. The buying process was so smooth. Highly Recommend!!!

Jose Manuel Olivera

Beautiful place, nice peoples and a gorgeous variety of motorcycles.

Movimiento Consentido

Thank you, Marco and Sofia for such a great experience you make us live, it was a pleasure buying from you and invited us to be part of the circle, and we love our bike, best Carlos & Delia .

Carlos Rodriguez

If you love bikes and want a great experience when buying bike, this is the place. Awesome inventory, great variety of bikes and a team of experts that guide you throughout the entire buying process. Sofia, thanks a lot for your advice and service. Definitely I will be back!

Monch Star

The lady there was really nice. I just stopped in to have look and they had a nice selection of motorcycles. I am shopping for a scooter and unfortunately they did not have any. I recommend stopping here for a nice selection of Harley's.

Cari Gardner

I recently purchased a 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE in excellent condition from Marcos at Alpha Cycles. He and his staff were professional, attentive, and easy to work with. They processed my tag on-site, and delivered my bike to my home free of charge. They followed through on what they told me they would do and met all my expectations. I experienced a low battery issue within the 30 day warranty period and they were happy to quickly replace it for me. Everything else has been perfect with the bike. I'm enjoying the ride. I highly recommend Alpha Cycles, as their bikes are in exceptional condition, and their sales process is very low-key with no pressure. They even let me borrow a helmet for the first few days until I could get my own. I'd buy another here if my bank account would allow it. Thank you Marcos!

J. Fisch

I have been riding and buying motorcycles since 1979. I can't count how many bikes I owned or how many dealers I purchased from, but what I can tell you is this place Alpha cycles has exceeded them all! Marcos the owner is an upstanding person. He cares about your experience and the bikes he sells. All other dealers leave there used bikes outside in the sun and rain and for Florida thats horrible. Marcos showroom is simply amazing and is a great experience for everyone one. All the used bikes he has and how they are displayed is like a museum. The bikes are all show quality! Marcos went way above and beyond what any owner of a shop would do. The bike I purchased from him came with a 30 day warranty as do all of them. I had a problem with the bike and not only did he get it fixed but he drove 60 miles to my house to pick it up! And had it repaired and to me on two days! I then purchased a second bike from him and because of my work schedule he brought the bike up to me at night. Who does that? Customer experience and satisfaction is his priority and it shows. There is not pressure to buy just go there hang out have a drink and relax thats the atmosphere. The staff are also amazing and extremely helpful. I will not be buying another used bike anywhere else again. This place is well worth the drive from palm beach to Miami. They only negative thing i can say is they need more financial options so more people can enjoy a perfect bike buying experience.

Michael Christine

Great all around experience. The shop looks beautiful and the owner and staff are extremely personable and down to earth. Just purchased my first bike from them and will definitely come back for my next one too!

Alejandra Avedano

I will preface with I am not a friend or family. I saw a bike I was interested in on line and went by to see it. I was extremely impressed. Upon arrival I was offered refreshments, shown around by the head salesman who is also the owner, very low pressure and I was impressed that I was shown bikes that were best suited for my height, body size and riding experience and not bikes that were better to sell for his bottom line. All the bikes are pre owned, but literally everyone of them looks brand new. I’ve owned high end sports cars and know the difference of how I’m treated at a Porsche dealership compared to a Toyota dealership. You will definitely feel that high end care And treatment at this dealership. My husband drags me to motorcycle dealerships every weekend and I can truly say, this is the first one I have felt at home and not pressured. My husband bought a bike last month at another dealership before we discovered Alpha Cycles, He looked like a kid in a candy store and he talked to me about how he regrets not finding out about Alpha Cycles before he bought his bike. Definitely would recommend!!

Bojan Oclan

I will start by saying that not all if my reviews are positive and I had some really negative experiences doing business of any kind here in Florida... but then there is Alpha Cycles, the light on the end of the tunnel! I've never felt so welcomed and taken care of, without any pressure to actually buy the motorcycle. Marcos, the owner, and his team are truly first of all nice people to hang out with, but then really passionate about what they are doing. I left with the bike and never felt better spending some money🙂 Everything was done there from A-Z in a matter of minutes. Highly recommend

Kathrine Gasc

Very nice place and people!
We were invited to have a seat and a drink while waiting, Marcos and the team were very efficient and helpful.
Plus they had the bike we wanted!

Eduardo Guzman

me into a more expensive bike. In fact, the bike that I went to see was a bit too high for my comfort seating/riding position, so the owner offered to lower the height of the bike and to reset it afterwards once I gained confidence ...as a courtesy (BUILDING EQUITY).
The owner advised:
" I am not going to sell you a bike that you are not going to feel SAFE riding I rather not sell you a bike "
Furthermore, I found a bike that I liked and bought if. The owner was very helpful and answered all my questions about the bike that I felt confident and SAFE with. I was able to test ride once I was sure and we had an agreement and showed commitment on my end to purchase the bike, this was after a couple of weeks of thinking about the bike, which by the way I was offered to test ride other bikes if wanted to…
NO haggle or calls or emails just a friendly text asking if I had any questions... Folks, please note this is a boutique shop, a local business with a flavorful inventory, so don't assume you can waltz -in for a test ride (unless you are a serious buyer).
My bike was delivered at my house on time smooth transaction, here is the best part of this review. Couple of days later the kickstand spring popped out so, I called the owner and he advised that he was busy and if he had a chance and could leave the shop he would stop by or try send one of the mechanics he uses for his shop to stop by my house and repair it or that he would go after the shop closed. I called back a couple of hours later to follow -up and get an ETA, etc.… the team kindly advised that they couldn't find mechanics (to be expected on a weekend)
I was a bit bummed out however, the team advised me that as the owner had previously stated he would stop after the shop closed and that if anything changed they would contact me. Couple of hours later and the owner shows up to my house after the close of business and solves the issue (BUILDING EQUITY).

Didier Devaux

Really great Team. Thank you for this super HD. Services, price everything was perfect. Really a nice store!

Raphael Augusto

Alpha cycles ,
Was the greatest experience for motorcycle shopping.
Marcos , the owner , was one of a kind guy.
No words to describe the shop. Beautiful , clean and so friendly. Guarantee we going to do business again can't wait to stop by for my next bike.
Thanks ALPHA CYCLES. A +++++++

Juan Camilo Restrepo

Great bikes, good price and easy approval. The whole process was easy with friendly people. Marcos the owner helped me personally. Very professional. Thank you Alpha Cycles for helping me with my new BMW Bike!


Thank you Marcos and Sofia for a good experience. Very professional, the showroom and the selection of bikes is great. Loving the Shadow.